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Winners Announced: Thank You, Teachers!

Last week, we announced on the ILSP Facebook Page that we were giving away five Big Florida Fruit Bowls to some very deserving teachers!

We love teachers. Having five children, and having been a high-school English teacher myself, there is a special place in my heart for those who work with our children -- and this year more than ever!

We wish we could give fruit bowls to every teacher in the world, but since we can't, we decided to start right here at home, in St. Pete. We have such an amazing community and you can really see that when reading the comments from our nomination post. Our teachers truly make a difference. 

Remember when we said we were giving away five bowls? We read every single comment, and decided to double the giveaway to 10. There was just no way to pick five teachers out of all those comments. 

We decided to include teaching staff, and I love that we have on our list a swim coach, a tennis coach, a cook, a teaching assistant, a teacher-of-the-year, a day-care teacher, and so many more. What an amazing group of people who definitely deserve beautiful, fresh, organic fruit bowls. 

Thank you, teachers and teaching staff, for all you do, every day, even when no one is paying attention. We see you, and we say thank you! 

PS: The best way to say thank you to someone is by feeding them.

So, here is a huge thank you to OUR WINNERS:
(*Names in parentheses are the people who nominated our winners.)

  • Kristin Clear Bercume – Northeast High School (Shelby)
  • Sarah Dennelly – Pinellas County School Board (Stacey)
  • Andee Goode – Boca Ciega High School (Tiffany)
  • Lisa Jones – Perkins Elementary School (Patricia & Tobias)
  • Coach Richard Lally – Seminole High School (Barb)
  • Jennifer Leland – Woodlawn Elementary School (Jennifer)
  • Marena McLeod – Sonrise Early Childhood Learning Center (Michelle)
  • Devin Niyan – Lakeview Fundamental Elementary School (Alyssa)
  • Carlie Saval – St. Pete High School (Brekke)
  • Justin Weber – Fairmount Park Elementary School (Kevin)

All winners will be contacted by social media. You can reach us at with any questions! 

Love & Health,


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