About Us

St. Pete Bowls was formed in 2020 by a mother (Ajna) and daughter (Naomi) in St. Pete. We had a hard time finding fresh, ready-to-eat fruit online, so we began making our own version of the traditional fruit bowl at home. We made fruit bowls that were fresh, gigantic, and colorful. We added delicious toppings – dark-chocolate bark, pumpkin seeds, and honey drizzle. And they were a hit with friends and family!

We posted pictures of our fruit bowls on Facebook and Instagram, and people began asking us how and where to get them. Shortly after, mother and daughter partnered to form St. Pete Bowls with the idea of bringing beautiful, delicious fruits to our community's doors. In just six months, we went from operating under Florida's Florida Cottage Law at home to operating out of a commercial kitchen with our Food Permit and delivering fresh fruit bowls all over St. Pete. 


St. Pete Bowls